On this day in 1903…

Whilst the initial incarnation of a bicycle was thought to have been invented in the early part of the 19th Century, the first documented cycling race wasn’t held until 1868. On this day in 1903, the French announced a new bicycle race, the “Tour de France”.

What a wager!

An amazing postcard of Harry Bensley, an adventurer who in 1907 supposedly took on an epic wager of £21,000 ($100,000 in today’s money) that he could circumnavigate the world by foot incognito.

Feed the cats!

I absolutely adore this image of three kittens, napkins tucked in, waiting to be served at a dinner party by what looks to be a doll. The bottom of the postcard even contains a song: “Mi â oû? J’ai faim três faim…” which I assume is a play on the Dolly Suite by Fauré.

Hello handsome!

A WW1 military postcard that we recently acquired as part of a bigger collection. I can’t seem to figure out exactly which regiment he was in but I do think he has a touch of Ryan Gosling about him! Happy Days…