Happy St. Andrew’s Day!

Happy St. Andrew’s Day! I love this postcard from Gourock with a wee surprise inside – some old images of Gourock town. Sadly the insert was torn before we acquired the postcard, but it’s a cutie nonetheless.



The Residence of Mrs Currie

Postcard front: Welschpool. Dyserth. The Residence of Mrs Currie

A bit of research suggests this could be Dysserth Hall, but it is unclear given the image of the building is such a small part of the entire postcard. There is little available on the internet by way of images of Dysserth Hall or in relation to the identity of Mrs Currie. Click on the image for a closer look…

The Channel Islands perhaps?

This postcard sent from Jersey to someone in France is likely to be of an image of somewhere in the Channel Islands, probably Jersey. It could be the home of someone important or simply a pretty building. Click on the image to take a closer look…

Postcard front: Untitled

A Reading home?

This postcard shows an image taken by local photograph studio Dann & Lewis, family firm from 1856 until its closure in the 1940s. The image looks to be of a private residence, but we’re not sure! Any ideas?

Postcard front: Untitled

A country view…

A lovely thatched roof, a horse and cart in the background. It’s a pretty view of what looks like a country lane, but we haven’t a clue where this could be!

Click on the image for a closer look…

Postcard front: Untitled

Yew Tree House

A striking building, Yew Tree House is adorned with triangles, circles and rectangles aplenty. Given the greenery it looks to be a country house, but its location is a complete mystery. Any ideas as to where this could be?


Postcard front: Yew Tree House

New Priory House?

Thought to be a building called New Priory House, this sprawling complex  looks like it could be a hospital or convalescent home. On the far left appears to be a church attached. Searches for the building suggest it no longer exists. Do you recognise it? Click below for a closer look.

Postcard front: Untitled

Imposing Castle

The building below looks almost like a castle, with two proud turrets in the background, a beautiful arched entrance and a grand driveway. It’s an imposing castle. Do you recognise it?

Postcard front: Untitled

Have a better look by clicking on the image.

Grand Designs


Postcard front: Untitled

This is rather a handsome building with a lovely big driveway. The possibilities for what this could be are endless. Is it someone’s home? Or could it be a public building. There appears little to give it away. Click to have a closer look.