Card Playing Day

I really love this postcard. There’s something quite comedic about it! The reference “To Catch A Weasel Asleep!” relates to tricking, bluffing or surprising your opponent. Perfect for Card Playing Day which is today supposedly!

Boxing Day Bonanza

Good luck if you’re you one of the thousands braving the shops today! This is a fantastic postcard of Selfridges in London’s Oxford Street from the early 1900s looking much the same as it does today!


Serene River

This is a lovely view of a river, the location of which is unknown. A boathouse appears to be in the middle of the image, with an attractive bridge to the left. Can you see any clues which could reveal where this is?


Postcard front: Untitled

An unveiling

This is an interesting one. It appears to be the unveiling of a memorial with a crowd of people waiting patiently. Its unclear whether the memorial is in church grounds or in a park of some sort. Click on the image to take a closer look!

Postcard front: Untitled