St Valentine

For any of you mushy types out there…in the run up to Valentines Day, a rather sweet little message. For those of you that don’t like Valentines Day, tune in tomorrow!

National Weatherpersons Day

Here’s a fun series of postcards from my collection all related to the weather…anyone who knows me will tell you that I am obsessed with the weather forecast, which I feel is totally necessary when you live in the U.K. where the weather can be unpredictable!

On this day in 211

On this day in 211, Roman Emperor Septimus Severus died at Eboracum (modern day York, England) while preparing to lead a campaign against the Caledonians. He left the empire in control of his two quarrelling sons.

National Women Physicians Day

Today is the day that Female Physicians (or Doctors) are celebrated around the world. Rather unsurprisingly, whilst I do have a relevant image, it’s more representative of the views largely held at the time that the postcard was published.