Storms at sea!

This is a gorgeous image of a lighthouse being battered by high waves of the sea. The colours in this postcard really set off the picture, really adding to the atmosphere. Curiously there seems to be a tram or train line coming from the lighthouse. I’m not sure where this lighthouse is located.

Have a look and see what you think by clicking on the image.



A heavy downpour…

The buildings in this picture appear to confirm a British location. It’s a postcard depicting what one could call the stuff of nightmares, severe flooding to the extent that the water has reached the height of where the tree leaves commence. In the near distance, the water level appears to be fairly high up a hill, covering half of a lamp post. I wonder where and when this took place?

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Down Under?

I love the composition of this postcard. The building which forms the focus is fussy but the lamp post brings some elegance to the picture and the tram in the background makes it all the more interesting. At a guess, this is an Australian postcard but I’m not sure, where could this be?

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A building of vast proportions…

This is one of the interesting postcards I’ve come across in our collection this week. The building is vast and on first view looks like a colliery, however to the left of the building stacks of pipes are visible. I would have expected a steel plant to have less buildings and more furnaces… I’m a bit stumped! Any ideas what and where this could be? 

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